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Arghhhmatey's Journal
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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
8:29 pm
I felt it was due time for an update..
Well my weekend and summer has been consistently the same boring wormhole sucking away at my youth. Haven't done much at all. Sat around and understood and accepted my reasons for being a bum. This summer would've been a total waste if it weren't for Governor's School definitely. But anyways, people that are reading, which is quite few, you didn't want a lecture or a summation of my boring summer you wanted an update, so here it is. Yesterday I went swimming at Jessica's house with my brother and James. It was fun.. Then we played basketball in the pool with Pastor. Overall I've been practicing the Bach Suites (mostly 3&4) a lot.. and taking a slight gander at the Kruetzer etudes.. which I am in absolute oblivion too. That is why the etudes would be most effective with a private teacher... which costs money, which I don't have. But I will indeed start with Dr. Rylands, one way or the other. I plan on completely quitting soccer and just focus on my viola. This is my junior year and probably my most important year. I'll probably end up getting a job at the Ralph Lauren Outlet.. *hopefully*. That would be a nice job.. folding clothes and getting paid. That would be a source of income and provide a payment for horrendous private lesson fees. I should've gotten a job like I had last summer but I was too lazy. I also have chair seatings coming up for Chattanooga Youth Symph.. and I'm shooting for 2nd. Johnnia can have 1st. :P thus I'll also have to work on my All-East which I somewhat have down.. but not fully. I'm shooting for atleast top 4 chairs. I will be stoked if I make All-State in my Junior Year. So I definitely got things ahead of me to accomplish. Today I got my hair cut.. a long needed hair cut I might add. I also sold old clothes to Plato's Closet and only got freakin 17 bucks for four polo shirts. But I guess some money is better than none. I was going to visit Bethany today but I couldn't. It would've been fun seeing her though. I also need to figure out a way on getting to the reunion with Drew. So whatever.. i'm probably going to go practice later. That was my day. (and yesterday)
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
9:37 pm
Well today went to ryans party. Fun fun.. coreys car got messed up. It over heated and blew and rubber pipe where anti-freeze runs in. He ran out of motor oil and it just over heated. But yeah.. boring day. tired. i'm burnt. Crisp.

Oh btw anyone else who has phillips this year leave a post. bleh.
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:30 pm
If you went to UTK Honor's Festival and you've listened to the CD they sent you of the final performance my man "C-Murder" killed St.Pauls Suite haha. He murdered it. The concert master was out of tune and the violins were out of tune in general. No joke.. unless my ears are bad. Which they aren't. ;) Oh well. Short posts.. I know. Nobody really reads this much anyways. Its a good vent for.. stress? haha i'm lame.
Saturday, July 16th, 2005
6:03 pm
Go watch Koyaanitsqatsi. It's the crazy movie ever. Very artsy and liberalish?
12:27 pm
more pictures
Group Picture! Mike, Me, That Italian Nicole, Wilson

No comment.

yours truly.
Friday, July 15th, 2005
6:48 pm
stole these pictures from lauren :) and leigh.. haha i got mostly all of the ones i'm in i'm lame.
Ms.Cote with Me in the Banana Suit, and Drew Berrymore! and Albert in the Gorilla Suit.

My Chamber B Group with Mr.Patterson, David, and Casey.

Katie Goethe! Dankashin

Group Picture.. I only stole it because it had me in it. hahaha.

All the fine girls I didn't get to hookup with.

Me riding Davids cello case ;)

Wilson, David, Leigh, Hayes, Hannah, and Me.

Jungle Girl!! Maia :)

Yeah albert and wilson! get that f-hole!!! haha Leigh :)

I needed a picture of Wes my main man to finish my picture album.. thing.
5:29 pm
Yesterday was preeeettty awesome. Me and my brother went to Lake Winnie cause we were helping a rescue mission with inner-city kids and we rode rides as expected. Had our daily dosage of trailor trash. Then we went to Mr. Wilkes house and ate dinner which was pretty awesome. We ate pimptastic steak. Then we watched War of the Worlds which was a really crazy movie. It was pretty trippy cause it played with your mind. It's a reallly good movie though. Today went to Lake white trash Winnie again. that was my day. If anyone has not seen the Andy Milonakis show bit where he's making fun of blogs you should see it. It makes you conscious of how much a loser you are. It's fun. haha.

oh yeah..

Freaking Guaneri String Quartet is freaking coming to Covenant College in September! Freakin yeah

I know.. lame. Sorry its not your beyonce or usher or rawk bands.
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
4:48 pm
wow this is depressing. I miss all the cool people at Governor's school. :( I'm so bored now that I don't have a schedule to dictate my life any more and or any exciting events. Also the fact that Chattanooga is a social dump makes things suck also. I think i'm just pretty bored and Governor's School rocked my face off. I should upload pictures from my cellphone... but that costs money. :( I wish I had a digital camera. We had this music counselor who looked just like Drew Berrymore. I might upload her picture just cause its so awesome. Okay.. time to stop being extra emo.. I'm starting to feel like a visual art kid.
Thursday, June 30th, 2005
6:37 pm
At Governor's school.. Don't really feel like talking about all the stuff thats happened. There's a lot that has happened. I'm at the library with Drew and Wilson and just doing nothing. We're about to go to some Museum and see art. Today's a pretty awesome day because we won't be practicing 8 hours straight. We had a college day here today. I need to do my laundry. We went dancing a few nights before. It was pretty fun.. We learned how to Waltz, and Cha-Cha and Polka. I had to dance with Mopoloposopa. hahha. Hunter the big pimp stole the hot girls. But you people at Chattown don't understand any of this right now. Or who these people are.

I've also met new people from Chatt-town. Bethany who goes to CCS is a cool girl and Reagan who's crazy [literally] goes to Baylor. But fun.. lots of fun.
Monday, June 20th, 2005
9:24 pm
gov school
At governor's school. It's been really cool so far. Met really neat people. Been practicing like crazy. I'm crankin 8 hours a day without my pimp game. It's really fun just going to the Recreation Center and rock climbing and working out. I've fluctuated on a weight gain being 10 pounds. We get FREE CHIK-FIL-A. How bad is that? And quizno's and pizza hut and other stuff. A lot of kids from Chattown are here too. Cool :)
Friday, June 10th, 2005
4:18 pm
Best way to make a first impression.
The absolute best way to make your first impression : find out your late going to the private lesson, call your private teacher that you would have met for the first time, make up some lie why your 30 minutes late, and then tell her you'll be there in a few minutes. Then have her reschedule your lesson.

Take notes kids. Ah well that's great. That's what happened today while I was at Summer Fest. I lost track of time and missed my lesson by 30 minutes with Dr. Ryland. Wonderful.. Oh well I'll have to suck up and apologize a lot saturday.

Went to Summer Fest today, had some fun. Coach D made me and Wilson play our instruments for "show and tell". They mistook my instrument as a violin. (as usual) And it's really true about the violist's community LJ icon, "We're not Violins damnit!". Lundy wasn't the only sophomore this time, Ashley Lancaster was there too. It was fun today we went to the pool. But we couldn't get in when we got there because some kid threw up in the pool and we had to wait about an hour so we just sat around. Then an hour later we were allowed to go swimming. Highlight of the day : Seeing Tiara and her fine self. (added bonus : bathing suit; Which was Avery's highlight definitely. He was literally giggling) Swam around for about an hour. Then we left. Now i'm just uploading songs to my iPod. Governor's School in two freakin' days. It's gonna be pretty awesome. Hopefully I can go to the Y before I leave. But I had the lesson rescheduled to Saturday. I feel like a complete idiot for losing time. Wonderful...

Current Mood: Pooped.
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:15 pm
Tired. Didn't do anything today really but go volunteer at my church from 1-5. Atleast i'm racking up the volunteer hours. Tomorrow I get my first private lesson from Dr. Rylands. Off to Governors School in a few days.
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
9:58 pm
I got my new Pirastro's which are pretty bad. I am very pleased with their sound. Nothing happening today. Just went to church and the Teens had to go "visiting". So Me, Josh, and Wilson went around East Ridge knocking on doors and inviting people. I'm glad I didn't knock on crazy peoples doors. They're some crazy people in East Ridge. Short post. I need Johnnia's Cellphone number about lessons and music with Rylands.
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
7:32 pm
Today was pretty cool, I went to Summerfest and helped out there for the whole day. (or however long it lasted) It was pretty fun, they're some reaaally crazy little kids there that are super crunk. They're so funny they start getting into fights with each other and start jugging at each other. The only Juniors there were me and Lundy. There were sophomores and seniors there. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, TIARA FINE AS* RODRIGUEZ WITH HER FINE SELF WAS THERE. It was funny Dante would keep acting like he would grab her butt behind her back. It was funnnnay. It was fun though. We went to see Are We There Yet? which was the most horrible movie i've ever seen in my life. Ice Cube, you get a downgrade. Your supposed to be a gangster thug, not a G Rated family movie actor. You've totally lost all street cred thats ever been given to you. Well.. I can't really say anything, i'm not "harder" than Ice Cube; But the real thugs and gangsters think Ice Cube's a punk bitc*. But he's still pretty gangster in my book. After that I went to go get built like a monster truck at the YMCA. Worked out for an hour the played basketball for an hour. I looked at the clock and it was 4:55 or something but its tricky with the clocks with the hands because when its close to being a new hour the short hand will always look like its already on the hour it's supposed to go to (atleast for me it does) and I thought it was 5:55 and I was thinking my mom was probably done so I would leave with her but then I figured out it was only 5:00 when I looked at my cellphone. I couldn't get into the pool because Wilson's YMCA card was expired. It was funny because the dude who was looking at the card to scan it was like man you look really different from that picture (it was wilson when he had longer hair so it kinda looked like me) and I was gonna say that I just lost a lot of weight from working out at the Y or whatever but I just decided to say it was my brothers. And to my suprise he didn't do anything. The girl who was checking the card told me it was expired and I needed to renew it. I don't think she caught on that it was too different people. So after I went outside I just sat on the stairs looked at fine dime brizzels walk in and out and then I saw Rob and talked to him for a while. Then Chris showed up (banks) and they went to go workout. Then my mom got done and we left. I don't think i'll be working out tomorrow because i'm awaiting my Pirastro Obligato Viola strings. Plus, I have to pack for Governor's School and clean my room. I literally can't keep my room clean for more than a week. So Dayne I probably won't get to work out with you.

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
7:26 pm
"I'm detective John Kimble."
Well Sunday, Sunday, and Sunday. Today just went to chutch as usual. I had to sing in a quartet. I always wanted to sing in a quartet. But not a church quartet.. Maybe a barbershop. When I grow a beard. I'll sing bass. I also had to play my viola for offertory. I'm not a choir boy either as some may call it. For tomorrow I plan on going to the Y and get ripped as usual. I'll probably hang out with James and Josh if they call my bro to see if we want to do anything. I might even ask Dayne to come to the Y with me. To go ahead and disclude any rumors that might start; I do not like Dayne. Asking her to come to the Y with me is not a marriage proposal, a sign of affection, or a hint of attraction. I'd enjoy company, however annoying hers might be while I am encircled in a room by buff men AND women. As the buff men and women watch me attempt to work the metallic beasts they call weight-workout machines I'll feel less intimidated with Dayne. I've always hated going to the Y alone anyways. Hopefully i'll get to go workout. I'm still baroque (PUN) as usual, and Governor's School is next week. Maybe i'll goto 50 Cent Taco Night tomorrow too. I doubt it though.. I don't really have anyone to go with so if James and Josh want to do something I guess we might go. Sam, Alan, Ryan, and Hunter are at Hilton Head. Probably partying super hard. I'm probably going to go call Dayne now.
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
5:49 pm
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
9:58 pm
I haven't been doing anything whatsoever these past few days. I've been eating a lot. Hopefully it will help me gain weight before my uber-metabolism burns it into nothing. Next week i'll probably go on a hardcore YMCA workout, because I have absolutely nothing to do. I have no job whatsoever, and there is no time for me to go get trained right now for a new job that is waiting on me. So working out will be fun and I haven't done a lot of it at all this week with my own weights and whatever. Seriously being broke is no fun at all. I'm seriously turning into a hustler when I go to Governors School. (Cassidy's "Ima Hustla" plays in my mind) Either that or a bum. I'm going to be playing my viola on street corners with my case opened up so random people can throw money in. They say they'll take us to the mall for recreation also. I will also stand there and hustle in a few dollars. And as Albert and I have decided, We can also sell our bodies if need be. I hope I won't be last chair there. I know definitely Wes will be first chair, because Wes is a beast. I don't know who "Ipteach" is. Well their email's may have nothing to do with their real name, but sometimes they do. I hope I have a good roommate also. I'll get to work on my Youth Symphony music and chair audition pieces too. I'm shooting for the 3rd-6th chair region. Anything below 6th chair will be a great dissapointment. End of post.
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
4:59 pm
dobble stop
CSO Retreat was pretty fun. Played music almost every other hour or so? It was pretty crazy. Had a lot of fun just messing around. Met some new people, fun stuff. Hung out with Reuben and some other people. Had fun then too. I'm too tired to go into details. Governors School in a week and a day. That probably didn't make sense, but its next week plus one more day. Oh well.. I seriously need to get a job. Cozzoli's is out of the picture, so I might have to go get trained at this other place. I need some definite money. tired.

Current Mood: pooped
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
10:42 am
Went to go see The Longest Yard yesterday. Despite missing the first 25 minutes of the movie and probably the last 10. I first went to Chester Frost Park cause some senior kids where having a get together or whatever. It was just Ian, Mark, and the rest of their little group with Nora and some other girl. Then Me, Sam, Alan, and Porter drove back to Sam's house. There we grilled hot dogs with barbeque sauce again. Then Alan and Sam fell asleep. While I played Star Wars Bounty Hunter which absolutely sucked. Then San Andreas and Socom II US Navy Seals or whatever. Which all kinda sucked. Then we went swimming at the pool and the Hunter came and we got Kelsey to take us to Las Brahas some mexican restaurant by that Karate and Tattoo place. It was actually pretty good. I figured the restaurant was going to be some broken down mexican roach infested shack with a health service inspection grade of 2. But I was wrong.. they had some pretty good food and it was really pretty nice in there. Not forgetting the Big Screen TV they had playing Mexican Soap opera's. Then we went to go see The Longest Yard and we got in free. It was a pretty good movie. I really think I need to start working at Cozzoli's. As long as they haven't forgot about me.. ha. And then I might get another Pizza job to increase cash flow. I only got like 2 weeks left until Governor's School and I definitely do not want to be broke for a month. I need to get a Y membership too. I need new songs on my iPod too.

Current Mood: bleh
Friday, May 27th, 2005
11:07 am
I would want I'm going to be doing today.. I might go hang out with Sam and Alan like I did yesterday. I'm not sure though.. I don't want to be bored. Yesterday was pretty fun.. hung around the mall, got free cookies and drinks from Cookie Company. Left to Sam's house and then we went swimming and saw some fine shawdies. (plural form of shawdy?) Then we cooked out and had Barbecue/Garlic Spice/Wild Strawberry hot dogs. Maybe not too much wild strawberry but when put one under the grill by the charcoals so it would add "sensuous flavor" Porter came over and we went swimming again. Some more fine shawdies. We played basketball and then we just sat around then went back to Sam's house. Then I left. fun fun. fun. till her daddy took the t-bird away.

I need to start working... I need money.. espescially for Gov. School. I'm gonna be gone for a month! oh well. payce
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